Become a Climate Protector

What is a Climate Protector?

A climate protector is someone who takes the climate crisis seriously enough to:
• Learn the science of climate change so that our actions are based upon a solid factual foundation
• Take steps in our own lives to minimize our contributions to global warming
• Network with others locally and beyond to implement effective climate policies

What do Climate Protectors do?

• Educate ourselves about the reality of climate change based on solid science
• Take action in our own lives to reduce our personal carbon footprint
• Choose one or more projects relevant to our community, such as:
Identify and prioritize the needs and opportunities for climate action in our local area
Influence local elected officials to commit to a rapid, fair transition to 100% clean, renewable energy
Persuade office holders to declare a climate emergency and adopt an emergency action plan
Work with local schools and school districts to increase climate literacy and action on climate change
Encourage businesses and organizations to become local climate champions by reducing their carbon footprint
Build public concern and involvement in climate change action through outreach and education
Collaborate with farmers, foresters and other landowners to increase natural carbon storage
And other worthy projects that Climate Protectors like you decide to take on!

How can I become a Climate Protector?

1) Provide us with your contact information by completing our Join Us form.
2) Ensure your own Climate Science Literacy by visiting our Climate Science Online Library and passing CLEANNET’s Climate Literacy Quiz.
3) Prepare your own Climate Action Readiness by learning how we work, what we do and what we recommend as next steps for you.
4) Participate in and help grow the Climate Protectors Network as we work for real climate solutions!

Take Climate Action in Your Community