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Residential Water Saving

Summary: Public water supply systems use energy to move and purify water and wastewater, so using less water in a household means using less energy (Drawdown). Heating water for washing and bathing adds to energy use.

Efficient appliances, especially water heaters and clothes washers, will reduce hot water energy use, while low-flow taps, showerheads and toilets reduce water use overall (EPA).

In homes with yards, the water bill can double or triple due to summer watering. There’s great opportunity for water-saving here: by using plants appropriate to the climate and to the shade and sun conditions around the house, and by using efficient drip irrigation.

Goal: Use all available ways to save water in your own household. Water agencies usually are required to have water conservation education and action programs – are these effective in your area? Support programs that offer rebates or help for low-income households to install water-saving appliances.

Existing Programs