What We Do

What We Do

Climate Protectors work in our local communities and regions to help bring about meaningful actions to address climate change. The Climate Protectors Program serves to inspire and support our Climate Protectors. As we grow, the Climate Protectors Network knits together our local efforts, reinforcing positive actions and learning from one another about what works.

Develop a Strong Foundation

Every Climate Protector makes the commitment to have a solid understanding of current climate science, including how to counter climate denial. We also learn the fundamentals of effective climate action. Then we begin our work by doing what we can to reduce our own carbon footprint and that of our households so that we can stand as role models in our climate advocacy.

Assess our Communities

Since local climate action must be informed by local circumstances, Climate Protectors learn about the problems in our local area that contribute to climate change and the opportunities that exist to take local action to make a difference for our climate. This information is used locally and also shared with the Climate Protectors Network for maximum impact.

Advocate with Local Governments

Cities and Counties determine many policies that can help, or hurt, our efforts to restore a stable climate. Climate Protectors develop constructive relationships with local elected officials and public sector staff to advocate for better policies which impact our climate. For example, many cities and counties across the USA have committed themselves to achieving 100% clean energy in timelines consistent with worldwide climate goals. Others have declared “Climate Emergencies” which leads those governments to develop meaningful climate action plans.

Collaborate with Allied Groups

The good news is that there is a growing number of organizations who are concerned about climate change and want to do something about it. Climate Protectors identify and build relationships with these local groups, finding ways to work together when practical and supporting one another’s efforts wherever possible. There is strength in our numbers!

Work with Schools and Colleges

The educational community has a big potential to make a positive difference for our climate. Climate Protectors help make sure that accurate information about our climate crisis is being taught in our schools. We also seek out motivated students who want to get involved in our efforts. And we support the adoption of strong climate policies by the governing boards of schools and colleges.

Enhance Natural Carbon Storage

In addition to reducing human emissions of greenhouse gases, we must protect and reinforce the many ways that carbon is sequestered naturally in forest, fields, wetlands and other wild areas. Our farmers and other land managers should practice regenerative agriculture to leverage nature’s carbon storage systems. And in the process we must protect “climatic strongholds” — natural areas that provide refuge and habitat for species threatened by the climate crisis.

Build Public Support for Climate Action

Local businesses, organizations and individuals all have a role to play in helping restore a stable climate. Yet many people don’t know where to start, what to do, or even the scientific facts about climate change. Climate Protectors help educate, motivate and empower local companies, groups and average people to become climate champions. This builds momentum for our work because when the people rise up, our local leaders must listen.