Next Steps for You

Next Steps for You

Now that you’ve learned about us by exploring our website, we invite you to become a Climate Protector!

Step 1: Provide us with your contact information on our Join Us form. We will help you get connected with our Climate Protectors network.

Step 2: Assess the carbon footprint of your household to seek ways you can live an even more climate-friendly lifestyle.

Step 3: Make sure your climate literacy is up-to-date by becoming familiar with the fundamentals of climate science, the current status of our warming planet and the common fallacies of climate denial.

Step 4: Help us identify climate-concerned groups in your local area. We want to build good working relationships with our allies in this vital work and we need you to help us connect with them.

Step 5: Evaluate your community’s climate challenges and opportunities to make progress toward reducing emissions, increasing carbon storage and protecting climactic strongholds for wildlife. Learn who your community’s key decision makers are in the public and sectors, particularly those in a position to make a difference in bringing about climate solutions.

Step 6: Work with us to develop a plan for meaningful climate action in your local community!