State, National and International Climate Action

Our Climate Protectors program is primarily focused upon local efforts to address our climate crisis within the Sierra Club Redwood Chapter’s nine-county region of Northwestern California.

However, we know that many Climate Protectors are concerned with issues at the state, national and international levels as well. For those who wish to participate in climate action at those levels, there are a number of worthwhile options Climate Protectors can pursue.

State of California

Sierra Club California (SCC) is very active in climate advocacy at the state level, including through the SCC Energy and Climate Committee, which works on energy and climate issues with the state legislature as well as state agencies like the California Public Utilities Commission, California Air Resources Board and others. For those who wish to get involved, sign up to volunteer with Sierra Club California.

United States

The Sierra Club is also quite active at the national level, working on a number of fronts related to climate. One Club campaign, Beyond Coal, has helped bring about the retirement of hundreds of coal-burning plants throughout the United States. Another Club project, initiated by volunteers, is the Sierra Club Grassroots Network Climate Emergency Mobilization team, which encourages the development of groups like Climate Protectors across the country. Click here to get involved with the Sierra Club at the national level.


Within and beyond the scientific community, there are numerous non-governmental organizations working at the international level to find solutions to our climate crisis. The United Nations Environment Programme provides a comprehensive list of such organizations here.