Ready for Action

Get Ready for Climate Action

Once you’ve made sure that your understanding of climate change is grounded in scientific fact, it’s time to learn how to take action on climate solutions in your own community.

There are many levels and many types of effective climate action. Each Climate Protector should choose one or more aspects of climate action to become involved with based on what you are inspired to do, as well as what type of skills and experience you can bring to the effort. Please begin by understanding how we work.

Once you’ve learned about our Standards for Climate Action as well as the Levels of Climate Action in our How We Work section, it’s time to delve into the details of What We Do as Climate Protectors.

Upon completing our How We Work and What We Do sections of this module, you’ll be ready to begin taking action as a Climate Protector. The steps for getting started are covered in this final section, Next Steps For You.