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Household Recycling

Summary: Waste production is ten times what it was a century ago and about half of that waste is generated by households (Drawdown).

Although the global recycling market was not functioning well even before the corona virus hit, it is still very important to recycle. Making new products from waste steel, aluminum, glass, PET plastics (recycling code 01) and paper uses less energy and raw materials and keeps landfills from filling up.

Click here for a long list of ideas about how to reduce waste at home: CalRecycle.

Goals: Reduce waste by using less and donating useable items. Make sure that you recycle everything that can be recycled in your area and follow the rules for what can go in your recycling can. There are probably different times and places to recycle electronic waste, batteries, compact fluorescent bulbs, household toxics like paint and motor oil, appliances and bulky items.

Do your city and county have adequate recycling programs? Recycling can be very difficult for people living in rural areas and in multi-family housing.

Existing Programs