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Electric Vehicles

Background: Transportation is responsible for 14% of global greenhouse gas emissions (Drawdown), but is often a larger percentage of local emissions.

If electricity generation in your area is making good progress with Energy Conversion – using renewables and no coal, then it is time to promote switching from gas and diesel-powered vehicles to electric vehicles. (EV) An electric car powered on the conventional grid cuts greenhouse gas emission rates by 50%. An EV charged from Rooftop Solar cuts emissions by 95% (Drawdown).

Along with buying EV’s making this technology switch requires building an EV Infrastructure network of charging stations to replace gas stations.

Buying a new EV is expensive. California gives a rebate for purchase or lease of zero-emissions vehicles, while the federal government offers a tax credit (Clean Vehicle Rebates). EVs have been out on the market long enough that it is getting easier to find a used vehicle.

Goal: Eventual replacement of all gas and diesel-fueled vehicles with electric vehicles powered by renewable energy.

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