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Coastal Wetlands Restoration

Background: Shallow coastal waters are home to salt marshes, sea grasses and mangroves which can sequester five times as much carbon as a tropical forest, mostly in the soil below water. Many of our coastal wetlands have been drained, filled or developed, so what remains is precious.

Sea level rise threatens our existing coastal wetlands. Ideally, land would be made available further inland so that the wetlands can re-establish themselves inland.

Goal: Repair existing wetlands by stopping pollution from entering the wetland, replanting natives, and restoring the natural flow of water. Protect existing wetlands from development and conserve land, if possible, for wetlands to migrate inland.


Existing Programs

  • Sonoma County Ag Preservation & Open Space District
    In 1990, Sonoma County residents created the Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District to permanently protect the greenbelts, scenic viewsheds, farms and ranches and natural areas of Sonoma County.