Water Distribution

Home >> Resources >> Solutions >> Water Water Distribution Summary: The energy source of electricity used to operate a public water supply system determines its climate impact (Drawdown). Is your local electricity generated from fossil fuels, nuclear, or renewable energy sources? Many water agencies are building their own renewable energy sources so that they can …

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Residential Water Saving

Home >> Resources >> Solutions >> Water Residential Water Saving Summary: Public water supply systems use energy to move and purify water and wastewater, so using less water in a household means using less energy (Drawdown). Heating water for washing and bathing adds to energy use. Efficient appliances, especially water heaters and clothes washers, will …

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Farmland Irrigation

Home >> Resources >> Solutions >> Water Farmland Irrigation Summary: The biggest direct climate impact with farmland irrigation has to do with the energy used to pump and distribute water. However, efficient use of fresh water is a very important goal by itself, since in many regions there is barely enough water to meet the …

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