Electric Vehicles

Home >> Resources >> Solutions >> Transportation Electric Vehicles Background: Transportation is responsible for 14% of global greenhouse gas emissions (Drawdown), but is often a larger percentage of local emissions. If electricity generation in your area is making good progress with Energy Conversion – using renewables and no coal, then it is time to promote …

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Public Transit

Home >> Resources >> Solutions >> Transportation Public Transit Summary: Public transit, or mass transit, is an equitable, energy-efficient way of moving large numbers of people over long distances. There are many challenges to successful public transit, with physical distancing required by coronavirus now added to them. Done right, public transit can relieve traffic congestion, …

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Walkable Cities

Home >> Resources >> Solutions >> Transportation Walkable Cities Summary: Modern American cities are designed to be convenient for cars. A walkable city prioritizes getting around on foot. It can be a safer, more attractive, healthier environment for people and walking is the original zero-emissions mode of transport. The everyday decisions of planning departments are …

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