Less Cement

Home >> Resources >> Solutions >> Materials Use Less Cement Summary: Cement is the element in concrete and mortar that binds it together. Cement makes up 10% of the volume of concrete, but is responsible for 95% of the CO2 emissions of making concrete. Cement-making is the source of 5 to 6% of annual global …

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Household Recycling

Home >> Resources >> Solutions >> Materials Household Recycling Summary: Waste production is ten times what it was a century ago and about half of that waste is generated by households (Drawdown). Although the global recycling market was not functioning well even before the corona virus hit, it is still very important to recycle. Making …

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Alternative Refrigerants

Home >> Resources >> Solutions >> Materials Alternative Refrigerants Summary: Refrigerators, HVAC, car and home air conditioners, freezers, supermarket cases and heat pumps all contain refrigerant (Wikipedia). Refrigerants containing chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and hydrocholorfluorocarbons (HCFCs) were banned under the 1987 Montreal Protocol after they were found to damage the atmosphere’s ozone layer. Banned refrigerants were replaced …

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